Photo Gallery

Auditorium (Basic Seminar Package setup)


View from Stall Seat (Basic Seminar Package)






Side View at Stall

Side View at Stall Seat (Basic Seminar Package)





View from Circle Seats (Basic Seminar Package)

View from Circle Seat (Basic Seminar Package)








View from Stage






Auditorium Reception Area (60 – 70 pax standing)


Reception area with main entrance shutters down. TV screens on left side of wall. Entrance door to auditorium is partially shown on extreme left.









Reception area showing the 3 TVs.









Other side of reception area. Main entrance to auditorium is behind the TVs.













Auditorium Backstage Area (30 pax)


Backstage area for 30 pax with Live Feed TV.









Other side of backstage area showing (from L to R) exit to reception area, rest room and VIP Room.











Auditorium Backstage VIP Room (3 pax)

VIP Room for 3 pax.

VIP Room for 3 pax.














VIP room with Live Feed TV.

VIP room with Live Feed TV.









Refreshments (not included) Table and cabinet.

Refreshments (not included) table and cabinet.









Function Halls (400 pax) :
Connect 801 (150 pax) and Connect 802 (180 pax)

Function Hall 801 (No Chairs, Projector Screen Up)




Function Hall 802 (With chairs, Projector Screen Down, Different Stage Configuration)





Combined Halls Connect 801 + 802 (Wide Angle View)


Combined Halls Connect 801+802(Control Booth)