Technical Specs

Technical Specifications (Auditorium)

Facilities in Main Auditorium
Floor Area (approx): 1000m2 (Lower) + 500m2 (Upper)
Dimension (approx): 35m x 28m (Lower) + 21m x 28m (Upper)
Seating Capacity:     1400 seater (Stall 880 seats + Circle 520 seats)
Seats:                       Vogel-Sitze auditorium fixed seats optimized for seating comfort
Floorings:                  Carpeted

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Technical Specifications (Function Hall)

Facilities in Connect 801 & Connect 802
General Capabilities:
2 Halls (Connect 801 & Connect 802) able to merge to form 1 larger hall or function separately as 2 smaller halls.  2 acoustically treated operable walls (Sound Transmission Class STC45 with air gap of 1200mm between each walls) will be employed to divide the halls and isolate the sound from each other.

Floor Area (approx): 200m2 (Connect 801) + 240m2 (Connect 802)
Dimension (approx): D17m x W12m (Connect 801) + D17m x W14m (Connect 802)
Seating Capacity:     Connect 801 (150 seats) + Connect 802 (180 seats)
2 Halls Combined:    400 seats
Seats:                       Hotel banquet seats with cushion for backrest & seat pan
Floorings:                 Carpeted

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